About us

The NGO ASI-TOGO was founded in Lomé on 30 December 2004 under the initiative of a multidisciplinary team of benevolent people for the purpose of devoting themselves to the psycho-medical care and promotion of the basic rights of vulnerable people.

Our Mission

A.S.I-TOGO’s mission is to promote the protection of children through comprehensive care, to promote women’s empowerment, to guarantee good health for all through the establishment of a Medical and Social Center (CMS) and to ensure that activities take place in a healthy environment.

Our Vision

Our dream is a better future that includes universal access to health care for all communities and enables all children to enjoy all their rights in a healthy environment.

Our Objectives

  • To improve the living conditions of women, children and youth;
  • Provide psychological, medical, material and nutritional support to OVC, people living with HIV (PLHIV), suffering from tuberculosis or malaria;
  • Promote access to care and treatment for the population at the lowest level ( existing healthcare centre);
  • Fight against all forms of abuse and exploitation of children in difficulty;
  • Promote all research on the situation of children in difficulty and women;
  • To mobilise the necessary resources for the implementation of actions in favour of children in difficulty;
  • Promote the schooling of children in difficult situations;
  • Raising awareness of the problems of children in difficulty;
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with all private or state, national or international structures or institutions concerned with the problems of children and women in difficulty;

  • Design and develop projects to help children and women in difficulty.
  • Promote voluntary work.
  • Contribute to the medical and psychological care of STI/HIV and AIDS in the general population, key populations and promote sexual and reproductive health.
  • To promote all practical training;
  • Promote all cultural, social and civic activities;
  • Promote national and international volunteering;
  • Promote national and international youth internships.